Clear Braces and Cosmetic Braces

If you need braces but aren’t excited about a long-term commitment to traditional orthodontics, clear or cosmetic braces may be just what you need. Most adults don’t want to look like a teenager, and older teenagers may be concerned about the appearance of braces as well. Some people don’t want to draw attention to their mouths when speaking or smiling. That’s why “invisible” treatments like clear braces and cosmetic braces are so popular.

What Are Clear Braces and Cosmetic Braces?

Maybe your teeth have shifted from previous orthodontic work that results in a less-than-ideal smile. Or perhaps you’ve always wanted straight teeth, and now you have the resources to do something just for yourself. No matter what your reasons for considering orthodontics, you deserve a proud, confident smile.

There are two main types of “invisible” braces:

Clear aligners are removable plastic trays that are popular with adults and older teens who can commit to using them consistently. Although clear aligners are easy to manage, they must be reinserted after eating and changed on a recommended schedule.

Cosmetic braces range from full transparent braces to lingual braces that fit behind the teeth. Cosmetic braces are fixed, yet “invisible,” with brackets that match the color of your own teeth.

Other cosmetic braces offer a shorter treatment time and feature transparent brackets and tooth-colored wires. Cosmetic braces are often made of ceramic and are typically more expensive than metal braces but less expensive than clear aligners.

What Problems Can Clear Braces/Cosmetic Braces Fix?

Just because clear/cosmetic braces are invisible doesn’t mean they don’t work as well!

Clear aligners are best for people with milder oral issues rather than severe ones. Since children’s jaws are still growing, older teens to adults benefit most from clear aligners. Clear aligners can fix crooked, gapped, or crowded teeth and bite problems such as crossbite, underbite, and overbite.

Cosmetic braces can fix any problem that traditional braces can fix and can be worn at any age. If you need to address more severe orthodontic problems but are concerned about how they look, cosmetic braces would work great for you.

More Benefits of Clear Braces and Cosmetic Braces

Aesthetics aren’t the only reason you might choose clear or cosmetic braces. Here are a few more reasons why you should consider them:

Clear Aligners

  • With removable aligner trays, you can eat all your favorite foods.
  • Aligners also allow you to brush and floss as usual, avoiding stains and hidden issues.
  • You have fewer office visits because you change the aligner trays regularly at home. This ensures that gentle pressure is continuous and progressive.
  • Aligners move teeth faster than traditional braces.

Cosmetic Braces

  • Some clear braces work faster than traditional braces, coming off in as little as six months.
  • Faster treatment times mean lower cost and fewer office visits.
  • There’s no need to keep track of a removable appliance that may get lost or neglected.
  • Ceramic braces may be less irritating to the gums than metal braces.

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